My 21 Day Fix Extreme Results and Review

I just finished completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme and wanted to share my review and results!  I was really excited to commit to this program because I LOVED 21 Day Fix and its simple portion-controlled eating plan and daily 30 minutes workouts.  I have to say 21 Day Fix Extreme is another really great program put out by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese.

How are the workouts?

The workouts are all new and are more challenging than the original program.  They are more high-intensity and combine aerobics, resistance training, and explosive power moves.  Your entire body is targeted and you will sweat and feel great doing it!

My favorite workout was Upper Fix Extreme.  This no-rest workout allowed me to target my chest, back, shoulders, and arms.  I felt so strong afterwards and noticed improved definition in my upper body.

The toughest workout for me was Lower Fix Extreme and Plyo Fix Extreme.  These incorporate challenging resistance work and explosive movements.  My legs were burning and the sweat was pumping, but it hurt so good.

How is the nutrition plan?

The nutrition plan is slightly more strict than the 21 Day Fix.  The portion control containers work just the same and it’s still an easy to follow system!  However, there are no cheats and no wine this time.  There is also a “Countdown to Competition” plan inspired by bikini competition prep that works on a carb depletion concept.  You can choose between the two plans or do a hybrid.

Confession:  I did not stick to the eating plan 100%.  There were a few days in there that my weakness kicked in and I wasn’t faithful to the eating plan.  I know that probably affected my results because food is 80% of the the equation.  Alas, there’s always room for improvement.  But, I still made progress in my journey and that’s what its all about.  Progress not perfection.

So, here are my results:   I lost 2.5 lbs. and 4.25 inches!  I was super happy that most of my inches came from my hips and thighs, two areas that I’ve wanted to work on the most.  I can now wear certain pants again that used to be too tight.  It’s such a great feeling to feel good in your clothes again!  A huge part of this transformation process is emotional.  I have gained confidence in myself, strength in my mindset, and energy in my daily life.  All this helps me focus on the positive and radiate that to others.

If you want to join me and commit to a program like this, I have accountability groups each month focused on nutrition, fitness, and living out a positive life that's both healthy and happy!  Read all about it here and apply to join my next group!